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Have your cake and eat it - TWICE!

Contrary to the title, this blog is not about food. It's actually about trade-offs. In life, we are often faced with decisions where trade-offs are involved - choosing one thing at the expense of something else. But no more!

Overcoming the 3.5GHz spectrum bottleneck for Broadband services

3.5GHz as a licensed band, enables operators to offer SLA service and a committed information rate (CIR) - guaranteeing downlink and uplink speeds to their business customers. But the main challenge of the 3.5GHz band is the small amount of spectrum available

Why do I need to offer SLA type services?

Demand for a guaranteed minimum capacity is not something every player in the PtMP industry can support, so why should you?

ABTN Service No Longer Acceptable for Rural Customers

Not long ago, rural customers had few options and had to settle for Anything’s Better Than Nothing. But customers aren’t very happy ABTN service. Not at all!

Q&A with Gurmukh Neote - CTO of Irish ISP BBnet

Not only did JET allow us to re-open a closed sector, it allowed us to deliver high quality bandwidth and charge a higher price to increase monthly turnover.

The 3 Little WISPs and the Challenge of Fiber

Will WISPs be ready when the Big Bad Wolf comes knocking at their door?

Is your LTE Spectrum being Choked by Heavy Fixed Users? There is a Solution!

When it comes to mobile data, particularly in developing countries, service providers are struggling to keep up with demand, and the bubble is likely to burst.