Happy birthday to Augustin-Jean Fresnel!

French engineer and physicist Augustin-Jean Fresnel contributed significantly to the establishment of the theory of wave optics.

RADWIN JET and the Battle for Bandwidth

Celebrating May 4th, also known as Star Wars Day RADWIN has prepared something to mark the occasion. Enjoy!

FiberinMotion wins at SmartRail Europe 2017

RADWIN receives the prestigious Passenger Innovation of the Year 2017 Award at the SmartRail Europe Innovation Awards in Holland.

ISP RADIO broadcasts feature on RADWIN technology!

RADWIN technology was recently featured on ISP Radio! Find out what makes the RADWIN JET a step ahead of the game.

Is your LTE Spectrum being Choked by Heavy Fixed Users? There is a Solution!

When it comes to mobile data, particularly in developing countries, service providers are struggling to keep up with demand, and the bubble is likely to burst.

Verizon CEO Says Future 5G Promise is “Wireless Fiber”

Earlier this year, Google Chairman Eric Schmidt told investors the company is looking into gigabit Wi-Fi technology instead of its Google Fiber strategy.

Beaming and Beamforming @ Cape Town Comedy Club

Last week, the Cape Town Comedy Club was the venue of a casual yet informative (and most definitely fun-filled) RADWIN evening.

RADWIN Resilience Testing - Prison Break style!

From over 10 years experience working with RADWIN radios, they have proven continually to be a truly 'carrier-grade' solution.

Now it's not only the trains that can go high-speed!

RADWIN's FiberinMotion solution enhances the passengers travel experience by providing reliable, stable, true high-speed internet access in transit.