The importance of a scalable network for growing WISPs

There are four main attributes that affect wireless network scalability. Don't find yourself in a position where you are unable to scale your network due to its inability to increase capacity or add more users!

On-Board Connectivity for Rail and Metro - Key Considerations

Our world is becoming 100% connected, with connectivity a basic commodity. With more of our data living in the cloud, unconnected is fast becoming unacceptable.

Why do I need to offer SLA type services?

Demand for a guaranteed minimum capacity is not something every player in the PtMP industry can support, so why should you?

ABTN Service No Longer Acceptable for Rural Customers

Not long ago, rural customers had few options and had to settle for Anything’s Better Than Nothing. But customers aren’t very happy ABTN service. Not at all!

South African Smart Cities

When one thinks of smart cities, one might be forgiven for overlooking Africa, but not for much longer as the technology is in play and expanding rapidly.

Q&A with Gurmukh Neote - CTO of Irish ISP BBnet

Not only did JET allow us to re-open a closed sector, it allowed us to deliver high quality bandwidth and charge a higher price to increase monthly turnover.

The 3 Little WISPs and the Challenge of Fiber

Will WISPs be ready when the Big Bad Wolf comes knocking at their door?

What to Consider When Selecting a Wireless Access Solution

The top 7 things to take into account when setting up or upgrading a wireless network

APAC Partners Event 2017 in Vietnam

RADWIN recently held a very successful event for our APAC Partners in Hanoi, Vietnam with over 60 participants present.